Star thermal tape pad - Single LED

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On some of these the outer not used section can be hard to remove. The easiest way I have found is to peel off the clear plastic side and stick the LED to the exposed adhesive. Next while holding the LED with the thermal tape towards you grab the outer edges and push away from you so that it uses the LED to help rip the outer edges off correctly.

These pre-cut, thermally conductive, electrically isolating, pressure sensitive adhesive pads are precision cut to fit Luxeon I, III and V Star LEDs. Made from Bond-Ply® 100 pressure sensitive adhesive tape, these pre-cut pads makes it easy to fasten Star LEDs directly to a heat sink without the need for screws.


•Excellent thermal impedance - 0.86°C-in2/W (@100 psi)
•Made from a high performance, thermally conductive, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive tape
•Electrically isolates the LED from the heat sink
•Immediately bonds to the target surface
•Bond strength increases over time when repeatedly exposed to high continuous-use temperatures
•Pre-cut from Bond-Ply® 100 pressure sensitive tape, manufactured by the The Bergquist Company.


•Provides an excellent dielectric barrier
•Can be used instead of heat cure or two part adhesives, mechanical fasteners or mounting clips
•Easy to use double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive tape that bonds immediately
•High bond strength to a variety of surfaces
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )


Review by Simpi on 3/3/2015

Does precisely what it's supposed to do! If you have trouble getting the backing off, carefully use a small razor blade or some small tweezers.


Review by Chris on 7/22/2014

Sometimes hard to peel & sometimes not. I've done conversions with & without. I don't do without anymore.


Review by Mark on 5/4/2014

This thermal pad keeps tri-rebels nice and cool! In response to the other's reviews: You must peel off one side first, and sick the pad to the LED. Then you can peel off the other side and center the LED on the heatsink. Super easy!!

Good tape.

Review by Austin on 1/14/2013

This is very convenient to use. I recommend pulling the clear side off and putting that on the heatsink first. Then it's quite a bit easier to remove the other side.

It Works

Review by Kevin on 11/4/2011

It works great for the rebel star, though one of the sides is tricky to get the tape exposed.

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