Cyan Luxeon Rebel Star

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Cyan Luxeon Rebel stars

These work best when used with the rebel specific lens holders and the 8.7 deg lens that we sell.

Cyan 122lm @ 700mA 3.4v - Run at 1000mA - These are Bin 1 or 2

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 11 reviews )

Blue Rebel

Review by Justin on 12/19/2017

Dropped this in a Rey Force FX conversion, my daughter loves it.

Deep Red

Review by Jaymi on 4/21/2016

I wasn't expecting these to be so bright, but I was pleasantly surprised. The deep red is just that, a very intense, verging on crimson red. The LED lights the blade up brilliantly and evenly. Certainly going to be my goto for Sith sabers in the future.


Review by Person on 7/18/2015

This light is strong and bright it is a nice small piece that is easy to install!

Royal Blue - excellent

Review by AB on 11/2/2013

I've done P4's and Ledengin before, but never these. Was going blue and didn't know if the Royal Blue would be as bright as I'd want. No problems at all, it looks good beside another saber with a P4 red and the color is awesome. A darker blue that looks awesome at night.

Luxeons are the best

Review by kb3vbd on 2/10/2012

I have the Royal Blue and Green, and just ordered the Amber. I know I wont be disappointed...these leds, along with the 8.7 lenses are super bright.

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