• Petit Crouton Sound Module V2.0

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Petit Crouton Sound Module v2.0 with FOC and R.I.C.E support

There are two sound font choices, Light Meat and Dark Meat, which are stored on a SD card. One is included with the sound module and the other can be purchased separately if desired. You can add your own sound fonts to the SD cards as well.

If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit SaberFont.com

Light Meat sounds

Dark Meat sounds

Owners Manual

Features & Maximum Ratings
  • Dimensions: 1.9" x .93" x .3" (with the microSD card).
  • Power supply: 5.5 to 11 V / 2.5A (with the High-power LED). 2 li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) batteries recommended.
  • Idle current consumption : 3 mA (deep sleep mode)
  • 2A high-power LED driver
  • Speaker: 4 to 8 ohm.
  • Audio output Power : 2W
  • Accent LEDs: 2
  • 32 stages sequence with stop and loop instructions (using either 0 or 65535 for the delay)
  • Accent LEDs pad current source: 18 mA max per pad
  • Handles momentary or latching switch for on/off control
  • High end motion sensing technology
  • 100% compatibility with CF sound fonts, 8 clash, 8 swings, lockup, force sounds.
  • Blaster Blocking & Lockup Fx
  • Blade Flickering Fx
  • Blade Shimmering on Clash
  • Anti Power Off technology (A-POP™)
  • Foc™ Flash on Clash™
  • WAV file support
  • 12 bit sounds
  • Hum resume: defines if you come back to where the hum has been interrupted or not. Interesting for certain hums. Not sample accurate but resumes the hum in a ballpark of 11ms from where it's been interrupted by a fx sound.
  • Anti power off delay (offd) : variant of our Anti Power Off technology (APOP) use an adjustable delay when cycling the the activation switch.
  • Led current parameter now takes mA. To get 2A you would enter 2000, for 1.5A 1500 etc
  • Motion sensing thresholds now go up to 1023 (ls, hs, lc)
  • General sensitivity (i) is now an integer between 0 and 99. Same kind of value than on CFv5. Previously entered as float number (0.65) but is now 65.
  • Wiring is very similar to current CF, down to the accent LEDs location and FoC pad.
  • Shorter than PC 1.6
  • Mute on the go

  • Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.
  • Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.

1.9" x .93" x .3" (with the microSD card).


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by AB
on 3/10/2013
from Arkansas
Just buy it
I've had mine for over a year now. Still amazing. For anyone willing to put over $100 into a sound card, this is the way to go. Still can't believe that 2 reviewers didn't give it 5 stars. Could be louder? Louder than what? Mine is louder than my econoboards, MR, NS3.0. It gets the job done just fine. Motion detection no better than an MR board? No sir, you need to change your configurations then. The motion is perfect. It makes swing sounds for me anytime a sound should be expected as realistic as I could hope for. It makes clash sounds when clash sounds should occur. You can use a soundcard that makes noise and clashes and random or repetitive swing sounds, or you can buy a Petite Crouton and build a saber that responds to your actions like see happen in the movies. This is a lengthy rating, but its warranted. Erase any doubt if you are contemplating. You will not be disappointed.
by Christian
on 7/16/2012
from Littlestown
this board is awesome I had no problems with it at all and it does the job perfectly!
by Dan
on 7/13/2012
from Las Vegas
Anything but Petit on ability!
Picked one of these up. As per usual Tim got this to me in no time! After unwrapping it i went online and grabbed the PDF on the Soundboard. It took me longer to decide what colors for wires to use than to wire it up... seriously its THAT SIMPLE! While i dont really agree with the location of all the pads I still think its a fairly straight forward install. after wiring everything up, added power and the boot up gave out a sound... I was not even prepared for the absolute nerdgasm Me and my girlfriend had...paired this with a LEDengin 10W RBGW and bridged red/blue. Mind effing blowing color and brightness! The power on/off, blade flickering, and all the stuff you can do with this board blows anything else out of the water! And im not even using half the ability of this board! If you perform lightsaber Choreo this is THE BOARD TO GET!!! Dont let the soldering scare you either its a wiz!
by Areku
on 3/6/2012
from Wien
Awesome Soundboard!!!
Just ordered my second one and it will definately not be the last one ;)
by SonicMarioFan
on 12/20/2011
from U.S
Smaller than I thought
Wow! Thats all i have to say. Wow! That sound card is so small! I was thinking that it would be alot bigger. And this is my first time soldering anything! If i would choose a start for my sound card, it would have to be this.
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