Golden Harvest v3 Phase 4 Sound Module

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Golden Harvest v3 Phase 4 sound module. This model Golden Harvest has a Blue PCB and is not compatible with the Seedling Module.

The sound module comes with a Kingston 32GB class 10 UHS-I SD card preloaded with the default sound font package of 16 different fonts. You can add your own sound fonts to the SD cards as well.

If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit

Feature list

User Manual

Quick Setup Guide

Configurator Download

Configurator Tutorial Video

Do not solder to the module while the SD card is installed and do not remove or install the SD card while power is applied to the module.

Dimensions :  1.12 ” x 0.73 ” x 0.15 ”

Power supply : 3.7V 

9 LED Channels
     4 LED Channels can deliver up to 9A Each. In hilt LEDs (Single, Dual, Tri) and Pixel support.
     5 LED Channels that deliver up to 20 mA each for Accent LEDs (Switches, Crystal Chambers, etc)

Can use either a single Momentary switch, 1x Momentary and 1x Latching switch, or dual Momentary switches. Full menu access and operations can be accomplished with a single momentary switch. 

Supported speaker power: 1 W - 6 W
Supported speaker impedance: 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm and 32 Ohm


Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.

Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.

Warranty does not cover shipping charges to send it in for repair.

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Amazing Soundboard that everyone can use with ease

Review by Levi Dalton on 7/6/2024

I've used the Ghv3 in many of my lightsaber projects and I'm always so impressed. It's simplicity make it's extremely easy to use, from the wiring, all the way to the ease of changing the Sound fonts. This special board allows you to us a in hilt LED, or Pixel blade along with many accent LED choices for extra effects. This is a great Soundboard for both beginners, and highly trained lightsaber builders looking to push the Ghv3 to it's limits.

Great, with a few quirks

Review by Eugene on 6/14/2024

I Replaced my prizm 3.5 with this board. Easy to install. The amplifier is loud. Great sound performance. Foc, blasters, lockups are delayed after ignition. It takes 2 or 3 seconds afterwards for them to initially respond. Afterwards, they work perfectly. This maybe because I havr 50+ sound fonts installed. I plan on buying a few more of these.

All in one

Review by Valin on 9/10/2023

If you want to build your saber from scratch but don’t know what board is gonna give you the best bang for your buck, it’s this one. They’re incredibly easy to set up and will run anything from single color LEDs to full Pixel blades with multiple accents as well as Tri and quad cree leds. It’s also got a ton of awesome features to make it more fun to use like blaster block, melting effects, lockup, and a ton more

Great replacement for NBv4

Review by Alex on 3/18/2023

Just finished installing this in my latest saber. its small size helps with installation, as well as the easy to solder pads on either side. This is one of the easiest boards to wire up! Extrememly flexible with LED setup whether in-hilt or neopixel. paired with the right speaker, this is super loud! I did a side-by-side comparison against my NBv4 installed saber, and the motion was 1000% better. Will def buy more once in stock! Only thing that threw me off was that its set to neopixel settings by default. So i had to read the manual and work out the settings on the sd card before it was ready to go!

It works.......

Review by Lyon on 11/15/2022

Not the greatest SB. But it works in a pinch for the self built ECO saber. Not so great to program manually. The manual itself is a confusing read. Lots of back and fourth with few sources to go to with the references. Had to do a lot more back and forth reading than was needed. The CFX board is more user friendly.

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