MHSv1 Proffie 3.9 Core

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MHSv1 Proffie v3.9 Pixel Core. An all-in-one electronics solution for a Smoothswing Pixel Build using a Nylon printed chassis. Designed for three to four piece MHS builds but can also be used in numerous configurations. 

If you are going for a four piece build, please indicate that with the option above so we can leave enough length on the leads from the core. THESE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MTN EXTENSIONS.

If you do not purchase the extension with the order, 6" of extra wire will be added to the Pixel adapter. You will need a small phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the PCB in the adapter. This will allow you to run the PCB up through your extension and install back in to the adapter on the other side of the extension. DO THIS WITHOUT THE BATTERY INSTALLED.

You can select which speaker and switches will be installed via the drop down options above.

If you select a Pixelswitch, they are not individually addressable and will match the color and effects of the blade. 

Please note:

This is offered with only one box style and is only offered for a Pixel build and not in-hilt LEDs. The main switch is the one closest to the blade holder end.

A separate 3D builder for the core is currently in development and matches the Golden Harvest Core dimensions. Proffie cores will be made available in the builder with a future update. 

Powder Coating
 can be completed on the hilt parts you purchase and we will align the box to the blade holder if the parts are purchased together on the same order. 

There is no recharge port installed in to the chassis and one can not be added. The chassis is designed to use a 21700 cell and it would need to be charged externally. 

The chassis is connected to an MHSv1 3" Extension


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-Blade Holders Styles 15,21,22, and 36 will not work with this setup. Most likely, a Drilled & tapped hole will also be wanted and can be found under Drill & Tap Hole. 8-32 is the most common blade retention size and numerous Screw options are available.  

-Extensions or Chokes   (If being used) MTN parts are not compatible and this will not work with the side blades on a crossguard adapter. Chokes and ribbed extensions can be used. If you do not select the option above for using an extension, the Pixel Adapter will be fixed in place on the core.

-4.2" Male/Female Grip Sections   Designed to slide over the bottom half of the chassis.

-Pommels If you select an MPS Pommel, you will also most likely want an Insert found here> Pommel Insert  A Clip to secure the Insert in the pommel is here> MPS Clip  We will install the Insert/Clip by request via an order note. 

-Pixel Blades MHSv1 Blade Holders are designed around 1" Blades. 



Proffie v3.9 Sound Module Specifics

The Proffie v3.9 is the latest fully open source Saber soundcard with Smoothswing and Pixel capability! An advanced board with a tremendous amount of customization options.  Due to the advanced nature of the board, we recommend you start to review Proffie resources below before programming. 

The sound module comes with a Sandisk Ultra 32GB A1 SD card
 preloaded with the default Proffie package that includes 6x Sound Fonts with some subtle tweaks for core functionality to allow easy color changing on the fly. 

If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit

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