LED Graflex adapter

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LED graflex adapter for converting your Graflex to a LED saber.

This will not fit the Graflex 2.0

Anodized black

Designed to hold a 1" OD blade.

The three 4-40 holes on the back only match our Graflex specific chassis discs.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

A great module

Review by Giancarlo on 1/4/2016

In short this thing is darn near perfect. Its a little longer than it needss to be, but otherwise its a dream to use. It slides into my replica 3-cell perdectly and all holes align. The 3 4-40 threaded holes for support rods for the crystal chamber/chassis made the build so much easier.

Made for your Graflex!

Review by Machinimax on 5/30/2014

This combined with the acrylic disks sold for Graflex handles can make a wicked custom chassis and/or crystal chamber. Pick this bad boy up for your conversion! Works great with Tri-Rebels too!


Review by Curtis on 7/30/2013

Fit my Graflex like a glove. Excellently made and a pleasure to work with.

Not just for replica or original graflex

Review by Daniel on 8/6/2010

Works perfect on a Vader Rotj Hilt by Korbanth. Buying another one just to have on hand because I actually used the first one by luck and coincidence.

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