Set of 4 Graflex electrical pins

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Set of 4 Graflex electrical pins. For use with the EL and LED graflex adapters and the Anakin FX conversion kits.

3-48 thread size

.249" long not including the threading.
Average rating 7 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Awesome effect

Review by James Samuel on 8/21/2016

If you want longer pins these are perfect but if you don't have the tools to cut the threads shorter then it's better to get the short graflex pins rather then these, as these ones go into the blade holder too much and have to shorted the thread.

Look good, but too long

Review by Robert on 2/25/2016

They look good, HOWEVER the threads stick WAYY into the blade holder for the Anakin Conversion kit. I had to use the short pins and they look A LOT more natural and don't stick into the blade socket

Best for display or maybe EL?

Review by Gabriel on 11/20/2009

Used with a LED graflex adapter, the pins seem to stick out significantly from the handle and the threads can bite into the blade.

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