Textured Mylar Tape Strip

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Textured Mylar Tape Strip

1" X 6" textured mirror finish reflective tape strip.
1" X 6"
Average rating 7 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Its nice, but i wouldnt buy another

Review by Devin on 9/17/2013

Its adds a new depth to your saber and looks good. As stated by another review, this will come off if placed anywhere it will be handled; so choose wisely. My strip instantley came off once i began to duel with my saber. Perhaps only place this on a display saber? you decide.

it works!

Review by tommy on 12/4/2009

this is a great item but it will wear off if it is in a place were you handle you saber. But it wont come off right away. you should use little screws to hold it into place if it comes off. it worked for my saber.

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