Power Xtender™ 2.0

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Plecter Labs Power Xtender™ Ver 2.0

Miniature electronic circuit designed to drive/switch a high load (LED, rumbling motor, relay) when the low voltage/current output from our electronic boards does not allow it.
Drives for instance a 3.6V LED from a Blaster Core™ board or a luxeon from the Flash on Clash™ output of Crystal Focus™.
Refer to the Petit Crouton user's manual for further details about the use of this module.

NEW : Now with embedded SMD 2512 resistor footprint. Saves space when using the Power Xtender™ to drive the Flash On Clash ™. Use with 2 watt 2512 thick carbon film resistor.

Dimensions : 0.55"x0.36"
Input voltage : 0-5 volts max. Switches at 3.3V
Output voltage/current : 12V / 1.5A
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Perfect for Tri-Crees

Review by David on 7/21/2018

Its simple, small and effective. It does take up some room but its so small it does not matter.

feel the powah

Review by Gustavo on 8/31/2012

You can't go wrong with this little board, if you want to have FoC or full powah setup you need it for your PC 2.0 soundboard.

Works great

Review by AB on 4/19/2012

works great for FOC application. Easy to mount the resistor right to the little card very small and can be used without taking up much space. I used some larger heatshrink over the entire piece and let it ride in the sled over the top of the PC.

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