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Inherited from Crystal Focus Saber Core™, Blaster Core™ is dedicated to blasters and other scifi props. Fully engineered and built by Plecter Labs, this electronic board allows you to play digital quality sounds with synchronized light effect such as the blaster ray propagation in the barrel and the nozzle flash. The board embeds a removable SD card and plays 22.050 kHz / 16 bit sounds. Those sounds are totally changeable by the user with a simple and inexpensive USB card reader. The module plays back various blaster sounds, firing mode selection (single / full auto), reload/recharge, jamming and so on.

  • WAV file support
  • FAT16 & FAT32 support
  • Embedded PEx for the main AND auxiliary muzzle flash
  • Clip in / Clip Out sounds
  • Jamming simulator
  • PLI bargraph
  • Hum background sound
  • The blaster ray propagation Fx is fully configurable, on 16 stages, and is described in a separate text file. Same for the aux. ray (stun / grenade). This allow to create unique tracing visual fx, remanence, strobing or completely static.
  • Selection of the electrical circuit(s) activated during the flash, for the main flash or the aux. flash. Each kind of blast can activate the main circuit, the aux circuit, both, or none of them. This allow the user to create color combination for the blast flash using an RGB LED !
  • Blast Light Fx (the nozzle flash, normal or aux.) is now fully configurable : static, stomboscope, randomized etc.
  • A micro SD card replaces the regular SD : the module is now only 6 mm thick !
  • Selectable barrel ray color (see the satellite board for an easier wiring)
  • Crystal clear 2W audio amp

Provided with a SD card including 6 sound banks : the module allows to select among several sound fonts on a single blaster using a vocal menu, just like Crystal Focus..
Dimensions : 43.5x27x6 mm (with the SD card)
Power supply : 3.5 to 11 V. Four AA alkalines (LR06) or rechargeable ni-mh / 1000 to 2500 mAh recommanded or better, 2 li-ion cells 18650 or 14500 (7.4v). A 9V battery can also work for a small blaster if the muzzle flash LED isn't a high power one.
Idle current : < 20 mA
Compatibility : Luxeon LED for the nozzle flash (with proper batteries) up to 1.5A, superflux LEDs (RGB) or classic 5 mm LEDs for the ray propagation effect in the barrel.


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by Del
on 9/6/2017
from Raleigh
Only the best for my props
I've been using BlasterCores since version 3.1 and this is my goto sound//LED board for ALL my blaster prop builds (both personal and for customers). Don't settle for anything less.
by evon
on 7/19/2017
from lake worth
If you look get it
So I picked up the blaster core and retrofit a 3d printed E11 blaster and it's the best. Totally configurable to either everyday weapon or any did I you can imagine. Well worth the time and money spent.
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