Crystal Focus Sound Module X MK3

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Crystal Focus X MK3 6D motion sensor (no magnetic support)

-Includes the SD Card Pre-Loaded with 14 Fonts. 

The firmware installed on the boards (as of 12/23) is "10.007F" and should be used with SD card package "10.007F". There are newer versions but this is the current stable release.

User Manual CFX ordered after 12/23 (can be used for cards with older firmware but may reference new features)

The CFX Configurator App can be found here at . 

Power source: One or two cell, 3.7v or 7.4v (No hack required)
Dimensions: 34.30 x 20.75 mm

Do not solder to the module while the SD card is installed and do not remove or install the SD card while power is applied to the module.

•   ARM32 based board with 3.2W digital amplifier (constant power / volume over runtime), with 128x32 OLED support, 4 channel (RGBW) on-board drivers, USB serial port, SD card, activator + auxiliary switch, 9DoF motion sensor with MotionFusion, on-board (red) diag LED, temperature measurement and alert, voltage measurement and alert (PLI).
•   Uses most of the former CF components which have proven to be strong and reliable.  They are also easy and cheap to service/repair. 
•   SD card update with signed firmware. “Blind update” possible (on-going flashing process with the onboard diag LED) or with USB serial port monitoring (recommended). A firmware update takes about 1s or less.   
•   SD card in place sound editing / replacement
•   1 / 2 cell compatibility with no “voltage-hack” required, only a solder jumper to bridge, and only when using ledstrips with 2 cells (+5V buck regulation needed then for the strip)
•   Auxiliary serial port (like the former RICE / TTL serial port). Fixed and Auxiliary 3.3V power supplies
•   3 additional GPIOs (1 currently used for Tangible interaction / blade detection)
•   HB led or Ledstrip compatible (RGB / RGBW)
•   Enhanced accent sequencer with 8 configurable accent LEDs (blade mirror, even in ledstrip mode, crystal pulsing, scalable PLI, sequenced accents, self-pulsing, audio flicker)
•   8 Accents resistors footprints (0603) allowing for top or bottom on-board bargraph (board can be installed facing up or down)
•   Zero CPU Ledstrip driver with 2 outputs, with level shifters (compatible with 1 cell or 2 cell setups, or permanent +5V PSU for booth/demo mode).
•   SD card benchmarking routine ported from CF9 and made accessible via remote message / hook (formerly a dev tool)
•   16 bits / 44.1 kHz sample rate multi-track, low latency motion to sound (4.6 to 6ms motion to clash sound) with backward compatibility with 22.050 kHz sounds (monophonic font main player should have at least hum and Fx with the same SR, otherwise, non-mixed sounds can mix SR) 
•   Polyphonic / monophonic font (backward) compatibility with existing fonts. Unlimited file numbers or font numbers.
•   Automatic font number detection and diagnostic – Ordered Font names
•   100 ms boot time average with 12-15 fonts on the SD card
•   Enhanced logging / debugging mode of all events of the board
•   Omnisabers ready (like CF8-9)
•   Software hooks to remotely control any aspect of the board (power on, power off, lockup, clash, blaster, on-the-fly font change, tracks playback etc) via the serial port(s) or external events (tangible, force sensing, user identification)
•   Extended tangible interaction with 16 slots including blade detection (saber enabled, disable, blade insertion / removal interaction)
•   AccuBolt / Multibolts engine
•   16 Color profiles and 16 blade profiles allowing mix and match, selection via Spectrum™ (angular) selection
•   10 bit color definition for more color accuracy in HB leds (and future ledstrips !) – [Legacy]
•   Color dictionary to name (web) colors
•   Hilt roll (twist) controlled lockup color (FoC / Lockup color blending). Think Qui-gon Ep 1 & Blast door.
•   Extended use of User Interface (UI) sounds and graphics. Fully skin-able.
•   SmoothSwing, implemented as described by Thexter with his public documentation, with a bunch of tweaks and heuristics to get it to my taste. Smoothswing font automatically detected, 3 Smoothswing mode legacy SS, hybrid font (using swings sounds) and (pseudo) pitch shifting mode. Per-font Smooth-swing configuration.
•   Vocal menu for font selection, iSaber and (soon) parameters adjustment, with use of the OLED display (if attached), animated or static graphical font description.
•   Local tracks and iSaber tracks [description further] audio player(s) and double click play/pause
•   Sleep mode (accent stop, partially reduced current) with automatic wake (aux, movement) - Deep sleep with 240uA (18 months of shelf-time with a 3200 mAh fully charged cell). Board revived with either AUX or ACT
•   Support for NO and NC latching switch though some of the new features require ACT as momentary switch
•   Motion sensing for font selection (in menu or when blade is off) 
•   Quick Ignite: automatically starts the saber when reviving from deep sleep (en./dis.)
•   Power-on sound interrupt with motion sounds (en. / dis.)
•   OLED Font graphic support (static or animated), or font name and number if no graphic provided.
•   OLED animation diversity (signal analysis, vu-meter, screenAccents™, midi-chlorian scanner)
•   OLED animated screen savers (currently 4), can be customized to taste.
•   OLED 3D files support (custom spinning 3D object on the screen, OBJ file format)
•   OLED PLI support (custom, examples provided)
•   OLED orientation parameter and custom boot / info strings.
•   OLED custom boot screen (static or scrolling) or font graphic
•   OLED animated blade and color profiles transition
•   OLED animated blade insertion, removal, tangible selection, saber disabling or low power
•   Reduced idle quiescent current: 42mA with SD card and all peripheral activated (not playing sound)
•   High temperature, low power, dead power, blade missing, blade inserted UI sounds & graphics.
•   Disable lockup and blaster for heavy duelers (Use 0 for lockup delay)
•   Font skipping for quicker selection in the vocal menu (when the SD card stores 1138 fonts but you don’t need all of them)
•   Spectrum™ “filtered” selection (per font) to reduce the selection to a limited number of color or blade profiles
•   Booth Mode (or mannequin / poser) with automatic ignition retraction with randomized blade & color profiles
•   ESD protection and reverse battery protection.

The board is now capable of Through Pixel Charging. Please reference the diagram below! 

  • Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.
  • Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover shipping charges to send it in for repair.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Fantastic and reliable!

Review by Steve on 3/1/2022

This soundboard has it all, look no further to make all your saber dreams come true! These are well built, can be easily repaired (try to follow the manual though so you don't make a mistake) and work perfect out of the box. Very easy to use and set up. Consider adding a BT909 from the TCSS store to take things to the next level with full Bluetooth support on android or apple with the crystal fx app. This little board packs a ton of performance, features, and options. If you are using neo pixel, just make sure you connect to all 4 "LS" pads (these go to the ground on your pixel blade side adapter) to take the load evenly. I have 3 builds that use these and they are my favorite sabers.

Amazing board

Review by Joe on 5/17/2021

CFX is the go-to board for all of my builds. It is very easy to use and when you factor in the R.I.C.E interface, it is possible to create amazing blade effects in real time without any type of coding knowledge. It has been upgraded quite a bit and the product description does not cover alot of the changes. You now have access to 32 color profiles and 32 blade profiles as well as smooth swing upgrade for the included default soundfonts and tons of other features too numerous to include here. I highly recommend CFX and suggest visiting for additional resources and information regarding the board updates.

Very Power Board - Small Footprint

Review by Mark on 11/1/2020

First piece of advice - read the manual...I know it is long but a lot goes into getting the most out of this board. This is an excellent sound board. As someone who has used the petite crouton, CFV5, and old NB, the realism added with smoothswing is incredible! If you are hesitating between this and the Nano Biscotti, spend a few extra dollars and get the won't regret it. Be aware you WILL have to do some tweaking to get the motion exactly the way you want it don't be disappointed if the first time you power it on is not exactly perfect.


Review by ST. Clair on 3/31/2020

This is an awesome sound board that allows you to change blade color and crystal color to match with blaster blocking and lock up with the press of a secondary switch. Loving it much more than the Nano


Review by Colby on 2/20/2020

This thing is a huge leap forward from the previous version. Smoothswing is awesome! Just be sure that you get the latest firmware and user manual before you start programming the board.

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