"Corbin style" Show blade 1" OD

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Complete LED "Corbin style" Show blade.
These blades are built using 1"OD x 7/8"ID x 1/16" thin walled Polycarbonate tube.
They feature a special double or quad wrapped film diffuser that gives the optical illusion of a central "core" within the blade.
When combined with our Driver board, this blade will appear to extend and retract when turned on or off.
Reflective disc on the base of the shouldered tip is standard.

This is just a blade, there are no electronics included.
Average rating 6 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )


Review by Reuben on 12/13/2017

I don't like this diffusion at all. Even quad wrapped, it's not nearly as bright and evenly lit as other blades. I would recommend buying the bladestock and diffusing it yourself using common cellophane.

Double is not enough

Review by RattleHornet on 9/9/2010

I chose double wrap, but it's not bright.

looks like cellophane

Review by Sean on 3/5/2009

Didn't like the film inside much.Looks like cellophane.I can see the line where it was rapped. Probably looks better in the thick walled blade, quad rapped. Mine was double.Other than that the effect is not bad.

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