Trans White Battle blade 1" OD

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Complete LED Trans White Battle blade.
These blades are built using 1"OD x 3/4"ID x 1/8" thick walled Trans White Polycarbonate tube.
There is no inner diffuser material in these. They work nice as is or you can add a few wraps of cellophane (available at most craft stores), etc to make it even nicer.
Reflective disc on the base of the shouldered tip is standard.

This is just a blade, there are no electronics included.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Glad I went with this for my first build.

Review by Erin on 5/4/2021

I just completed my first stunt saber, and chose this blade based on the reviews. It has great illumination, even with just one Rebel Star LED. Highly recommended.

The best.

Review by Derek on 5/23/2017

First off, I love this blade SO much. I've only used the clear blades with either the white diffuser or cellophane wrapped on the inside of it. The trans white blades look 1000 times better with my saber (equipped with a Tri-Cree RBG LED). Though it is less bright than my clear thin walled blade it's nice to not see the clear plastic as part of the blade; the solid color of this one makes it especially real looking in person. The only downside is that you can see the individual colors at the bottom of the blade when using a mixed color like ice blue, yellow, purple, etc. Other than that they're perfect. Never buying a clear blade ever again. This is it.

Sturdy Blade!

Review by Girot on 3/30/2016

These blades are fantastic for dueling. Love the bullet tip. All trans white blades tend to look dimmer in person than clear blades, but the light up evenly and all the way through to the edge. Adding some diffuser material helps a bit. On camera, however, these blades look fantastic without any digital enhancement!

Great blades!

Review by Blair on 11/16/2015

These are extremely durable for heavy dueling. These don't have diffuser film inside. While a blade with diffuser film is more evenly lit, they have an appearance of being a hollow tube because you can see both the inside and outside wall. I like these blades better because it just appears as a solid color, without layers to the blade. Plus, they're cheaper than one with diffuser film. Bonus!

Durable and bright!

Review by Sior on 12/13/2014

I have three TCSS style blades and one blade from a different saber retailer what shall go unnamed. This one blows them all away. Clear blades with a diffuser or film show the light well, but you still see the clear plastic blade. This one is 100% colouration yet still translucent enough to be seen. Additionally, after a full sparring practice session the blade had barely a scratch! I will definitely be buying more in the future for my other sabers.

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