"Corbin style" Battle blade 1" OD

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Complete LED "Corbin style" Battle blade.
These blades are built using 1"OD x 3/4"ID x 1/8" thick walled Polycarbonate tube.
They feature a special double or quad wrapped film diffuser that gives the optical illusion of a central "core" within the blade.
When combined with our Driver board, this blade will appear to extend and retract when turned on or off. Reflective disc on the base of the shouldered tip is standard.

This is just a blade, there are no electronics included.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )


Review by Noah on 5/28/2023

Blade works for my sp sabers ezra lightsaber. Good length and good feel of hilt.

My Corbin Battle Blades

Review by Vickerzen on 5/28/2016

Love'em. Different style of blade to fight with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVh2P0reGjc

Very durable and cool!!

Review by Daniel on 10/9/2009

If you put cellophane inside it it evens out the light on the blade. Very true, if your worried about uneveness do this. If you like the core effect this is your blade of choice. Its really tough and you can have it w/ or w/o the cellophane it's a win win.

Corbin Blade

Review by Dale Freed on 4/19/2008

I have had my Obi-Wan for about 6-7 months so far. I converted it about 2 weeks into having it. I used this blade since then and while I have watched other blades lose thier tips with reflector time after time, this blade has outlasted all. About the only down fall is the difuser film does not do as good a job. I beat my lightsaber on a regular basis and I can tell you that the durablilty is well worth the loss in quality of the film. You can get better stuff at an art supply house.

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