Choke Powder Coating

Price: $12.50
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Powder coating orders may take up to a month to process.

Please order powder coating via the MHS builder if possible.
Click here to see a tutorial

Choke Powder coating service.

The price listed is for one part to be powder coated.

Select the color you want and the order code (listed below) that corresponds to the part you want coated and the way you want it coated. The part you want coated must be inluded in the order.

If there is no order code for what you want done then please contact us to see if it can be done.

Pictures of the different colors can be seen here

Red represents the Powder coated area. All non red areas would be bare metal.

MHS choke style 1

MHS choke style 1 Short

MHS choke style 1 Long

MHS choke style 2

MHS choke style 3

MHS choke style 3 Long
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