• Scratch and Dent OWK Saber Kit

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Scratch and Dent OWK Saber Kit

These kits may have discoloration, blemishes, dings, and/or dents.

Kit will come with EP1 & EP2 versions of the pommel (one with holes in the square areas and one without). It will also come with 7/8" and 1" swap-able blade emitter flanges. The kit will also include a removable jeweled purple half hemi - allowing its owner to make either TPM or AOTC versions.

This is NOT a complete working saber and does not include blade, LED, sound module, speaker, etc..


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by Gatlin
on 12/6/2019
from Griffin
Scratches & dents
So the saber was dented and the metal prongs on the pommel were scratched up. If you want a pristine piece I can’t recommend it.
by OldeKnight
on 11/22/2019
from Hattiesburg, MS
Excellent Obi Wan TPM Saber
This is an excellent saber hilt. Screen accurate and easily installable. Truly gorgeous!
by Ian
on 2/12/2017
from Winnipeg
Good hilt
I had the problem with the burrs on the pommel cubes, I just replaced it with an mhs pommel cube ring. Its good to go now! You dont have to sand anything to make the emitter line up properly. There is a notch in the inner most silver tube and a set screw hole on the black tube around it.(not the covertec hole, you should see the ribs and this hole on the same side). These line up and are fastened with a set screw (10-32 I believe). Once you make the set screw flush, the final shroud will slide over. The shroud will be held in place by the covertec screw hole located opposite of the hidden fastening hole. After everything is fastened just screw the emitter on and it will line up just as it should.
by Kyle
on 2/6/2017
from Bellport
Beautiful Kit, some assembly req'd
Beautiful work on this hilt, every piece can come apart for endless modification to whatever your specifications are. If you want this hilt combat ready, there are a few adjustments to make. First is drilling and tapping for a blade retention screw, as you'll quickly find there is none. Second, is I found the Chromed shroud for the base of the hilt moves a bit too much and is only held together with a screw for the covertec. Pulling it apart, drilling and tapping a set screw inside the base and reverse screwing in a set screw to friction hold the pieces did the trick. After that the assembly was easy. I didn't wire up the accent LED's because where i was able to position the main LED causes them to light up thru reflection. I also glued in the switch and did not use the button provided. It was way too sensitive to use during shows so instead i drilled in a hole for a switch in the base of the neck. It rids it of being fully CANON but makes it function perfectly! Awesome purchase!
by Sean
on 2/4/2017
from Littlestown, PA
Poor quality
This would be a great hilt kit if it didn't have some substantial quality issues. First, out of the three led bezels I received for the emitter area, one was completely flat and unlike the others which are beveled (as they're supposed to be). Second, the pommel cubes area was a mess--there are deep scratches/grooves, burrs and dents from poor quality machining. There are also some sharp burrs in the main grip area. Third, as another reviewer mentioned, the emitter does not line up on its own (you can actually see this in the photo above), so you have to find a way to work this out. The Obi TPM is my favorite hilt so I was really hoping this would work out well. Maybe I just received a poor example, but I'm disappointed in the quality of this kit.
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