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The special refractive qualities of this blade film are such that they produce the optical illusion of a central beam of light within the blade when illuminated. This "core" is surrounded by a more colorful "aura" that appears to taper towards the tip.
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Review by PEPPER on 5/30/2023

Great product and works well.

Very Cool

Review by Josh on 2/20/2016

The film has a very cool effect. Its in a 34 inch thin walled blade I have. I got the double wrap option and really love it. Its for another saber but still. Gives me an idea of how the blades will be for any future custom builds of my own which I plan to use all same blade options for. Was kind of a pain to get in but got it eventually. Really love the effects this film gives off too. Will be ordering more in the future and for my eventual own custom saber as well

Nice diffuse

Review by Jean-Francois on 1/25/2016

Just like Darth Marr said, tape the film at each end. The film is 48'' so you can waist a couple of inch and still have plenty. Quad wrap for the win.

Quad wrap

Review by Christopher on 7/20/2015

I used the Quad wrap very happy with the results. and the install took me less than 5 minutes.


Review by Chris on 7/22/2014

Ended up trashing it after a bit. The install is a pain & it doesn't look or work nearly as good as the solid diffusers.

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