Clear 1" thin walled blade tip

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Shouldered 1" blade tips with reflective disc for 1" thin walled tubes.
Extra long shoulder design for thin walled tubes.
When properly installed these tips will not fly off under normal use.
Can withstand much harder direct hits than non shouldered tips.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Even better!

Review by Harris on 12/29/2015

I have bought a bunch of these over the years and the few I have received lately are even bette!! It seems that the newer ones that are being shipped are a new style. The mirror on the tip is just a little bit smaller in diameter!! This allows the blade tip to light up and give a nice finnished loot to the blade when completed!! So as I said. The best has gotten even better!!!!

Good tip!

Review by Mark on 4/7/2015

This blade tip does exactly what it's supposed to a nice bright upper-half of the blade, while providing a finished look to your saber. I would like to note that using a glue meant for bonding polycarbonate is a must, as your tip will come off without the proper glue.

Tip adhesive

Review by Isaiah on 8/25/2008

These tips surpass others simply because of the long shoulder design. The best glue to use is a type that is flexible in nature and won't dry and crack. Try to not use super glue or Methol Ethol Ketone. I use E-6000 from Tap plastics. It adheres to plastic really well and doesn't crack the surrounding plastic.

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