4W 28mm WOWSpeaker

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28mm High Bass WOWSpeaker 4W by Train Control Systems.

3W (Typical) 4W (Peak) 
1.1" diameter x 0.53" or 28mm diameter x 13.5mm
Sound Pressure Level
84 ± 3.0 dB (A), at 0.63 V, 0.1 m, Average 500,1,000, 2,000, 4,000 (Hz ), at 25°C
Effective Frequency Band
250 Hz. to 20 kHz.
Power Rating
3W (Typical) 4W (Peak)
DC Impedance
4 Ω ; ± 15%, at 1,000 Hz., 1.0 V
Average rating 6 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

excellent volume, presence and clarity

Review by Adam T on 10/1/2023

I have tried many speakers over the course of time, but very few sound great at 2500 or higher volume on a proffie3.9 board - this performs there and beyond, 3200 even. Compared to other speakers the bass is surprisingly good, at high volumes I've had to reduce lockup/clash settings because it can self-trigger from the vibrations. The foam front surround is a pain for tight spaces but can be removed (carefully) if need be. So far no issues with the 3 that I have, even after many hours of usage.

ditto on bad speaker

Review by Tony on 7/6/2023

after two days of moderate use the speaker just cut out. Dead as a doornail! Not sure how to mount it with the support needed while still maintaining space for a resonance chamber. Not without making it permanent part of the fixture and impossible to remove my pommel to get at my chassis. This one is a big fat FAIL.

Excellent sound and volume

Review by Shane on 12/12/2022

I've had this speaker in a special project for several months now, mounted in a wood resonance chamber and it sounds incredible with a CFX. Not sure why everyone else is having issues but I wonder if perhaps they aren't mounting the speakers correctly. You see a lot of glue in designs in chassis for whatever reason where the speaker isn't braced or supported from the front. And with bass type speakers that have a large amount of travel in the diaphragm, suspension, and spider. There isn't much to keep the speaker from vibrating itself apart. You need to support the front of the speaker somehow, a ring or gasket or hot glue of some kind, or do a press in mount instead of a drop in mount. There is nothing wrong with speaker, just how people are using it is wrong. Note: as a rule of thumb a 4ohm (higher draw) is going to pull more juice from your battery than a 8ohm. So you will notice distortion when the battery drops low. With direct draw style 3.7V boards this is common.


Review by William on 7/21/2021

I bought this speaker and installed it in a Proffie Board saber. It worked fine at first, but after a few days of casual use (no abuse) it started sounding distorted. I did some more research only to find that this is a common problem with this speaker. I will be replacing it with a different speaker.


Review by Jason on 11/7/2020

I wired this speaker for the CF-X which defaults to the 100% volume from R.I.C.E settings, and I'd say after the second day of intermittent use while tuning it next to the computer, it suddenly went silent. I bought it a few months back and used it briefly in a different build with an NEC board, so it had a couple more hours on it I suppose. I pulled it from the hilt and used a meter to check ohm resistance and it's a door stop. Do not buy this speaker, really disappointed it lasted only a very short time. It's rated for 8 ohms so the volume set at 100% shouldn't have phased it a bit, compared to the 4 ohm premium speaker set at 75% recommendation.

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