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PRIZM is a variant of the Petit Crouton on which the current regulator was removed and the power supply design was adapted for single cell. In addition, a real time color changing was developped which allows up to 10 profiles to be browsed within a font using the aux. switch and the activator switch.
It also features up to SIX sound fonts and 4 accent LEDs
and features Trident™ to control secondary blades (quillons) as seen on some recent sabers.

Owners Manual

The board comes with 3 sound banks Light Meat, Grey Meat and Dark Meat, installed on the microSD. If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit SaberFont.com

All the details and specs of the PRIZM v5.1 here
Dimensions : 1.55"x.80"x.20" - thinner and smaller yellow capacitor with better placement for easier hilt integration
 Dual Digital Sensor motion detection. Identical to CF MotionFusion™, very high swing sensitivity and vibration & battery ripple immune
Mute during power off. Optional silenced power-off sound when MOTG is engaged
3 channel color mixing with FlexiBlend™- 4A per channel
RGB Neopixel / WS2812 (and alike) support with adjustable timings
 Ledstrip power saving StripOff™
Ledstrip data output/line with onboard resistor (aka LS pad)
Ledstrip localized & Accurate Blaster Bolt deflection AccuBolt™
 Omnisabers support / Omnisabers Ready
Override master file + individual configuration files for font specific settings

Fully designed from scratch by Plecter Labs,PRIZM is the single cell little brother of our former Crystal Focus Saber Core sound board. It features a luxeon controller and an interactive motion sensitive sound unit. It plays digital quality sound samples (22KHz / 16 bits) for  power on,  humming,  swing (up to 16 slots), clash (up to 16 slots), blaster (4 slots), blade lockup, force push and power off. On/Off control of the module can be done with a latching switch or a momentary switch (setup with our SD-Config™ technology). The switch must be purchased separately.
Our module also triggers additional effects such as blaster ray blocking and blade lockup with an additional auxiliary button (not provided). Sounds and setup can be changed by the user using a simple USB SD card reader. Comes with a microSD card. Wiring supplies and speaker to be ordered separately.

PRIZM also features A-POP technology : Anti Power On/Off Protection. An option on the configuration file can require that the user confirm the saber power off using the aux. button. This avoids any accidental power off of the saber, especially when using momentary buttons for activation.

Just like CF and our other boards, the PRIZM handles WAV files ! 

Features & Maximum Ratings

Dimensions : 1.55" x .80" x .20" (with the microSD card).

Power supply : SINGLE CELL !!! 5.5V MAX / 3.5A (with the Luxeon LED). 1 li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) battery recommended.

Up to 10 color profiles allowing the real time color change within a font. The use of a momentary is preferred as more natural to switch color, but there is support for latching too.

Up to 6 sound fonts. Now with automatic font amount detection, board ships with the PC3 usual set of 3 fonts, but you can have only 2 or 6 if you like.

Blaster Blocking, Force, Force Clash™ and Lockup Fx

Blade Flickering Fx

Blade Shimmering on Clash

Blaster Sounds

Up to 4 boot sounds

Up to 16 swing and 16 clash sounds

Flash on Clash™ (FoC™)

Anti Power Off technology (A-POP™)

32 stage accent LED sequencer

WAV file support

True 16 bit, 22.050 kSamples/sec crystal clear DAC

SD card support: up to 16GB (SD & SDHC), FAT16 or FAT32. Sandisk and Kingston brands preferred.

Accent LEDs : 4

Accent LEDs pad current source : 18 mA max per pad

Handles momentary or latching for blade activation

Compatibility : luxeon star III, V, K2, rebel, seoul P4, Ledengin, tri-rebel, tri-cree

Speaker : 4-8 ohm, up to 2W. NOT provided, must be purchased separately.

Idle current consumption : 9 mA (deep sleep mode)

Real Time Configuration Editor (R.I.C.E.™)


  • Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.
  • Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover shipping charges to send it in for repair.


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by Mark
on 1/31/2018
from Victor
Great Product
I have only used a few different boards (including NBv3 and v4) and the Prizm v5/5.1 is amazing.  Super easy to install and has all the features I really care about (blaster deflect, blade lockup, RGB color changing) with no added features or power extenders or color mixers.  I used to only buy Nano's for my builds but now I am only working with the Prizm's.  They are worth the extra 60 bucks.
by Chris
on 10/31/2017
from Dayton
Featured Packed
For the price, this board is really feature packed. Color changing and other configuration using a simple text file and drag and drop font installation mean no special software is needed, which is great for people like me who use alternative operating systems. The sound quality on this board is really nice, better than the lower end Plecter boards, and having up to six fonts is nice. The blaster block and Force effects are OK, but not that thrilling to me. Installation was a bit tricky for me because I don't wire all the time. Most of the connections being on one side of the board had me nervous, but I got it all installed and only bridged one LED connection, which was easily fixed. I installed the board in a SaberForge hilt since they have two switch holes. All said, I'm happy with this and I may do one of these again on down the road.
by Damon
on 10/26/2017
from Reynoldsburg
My favorite board.
I love this board for the large number of features it has and ease of install. I actually find this easier to install than NBv4 especially when there's a PEX involved. Yes, it's more expensive, but man it makes all the difference to have features like blade lock up, blaster block and force push.
by Thomas
on 10/15/2017
from Wilmington
Awesome Board 5.1
This board is sick!  Awesome.
6 fonts, and the color sets are great.
How the colors change is awesome.
The fact that a color change .wav plays is sick.
Accent LED pads, blaster blocks, lockup, clashes, etc.
Sensitivity is outstanding, and adjustable.
Only gripe is that the instruction manual could be a little more 
detailed on the accent LED programming, but I still managed to 
figure it out.  I have installed 3 of these into my sabers.
Love this board, my favorite so far of the "simple" sort.
by Corey
on 2/2/2016
from Bend
Omg wow!
This board has most of what I wanted from Crystal Focus in a far more affordable package, and although not as expandable performs every bit as well as the petit crouton I have in another saber. This is the best overall color changing board I've had other than Crystal Focus.
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