• Nano Biscotte Sound Module V4

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Nano Biscotte Sound Module V4

The sound module comes with a SD card preloaded with Lightmeat, Greymeat and Darkmeat sound fonts. You can add your own sound fonts to the SD cards as well.

If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit SaberFont.com

Light Meat sounds

Dark Meat sounds

Owners Manual

Do not solder to the module while the SD card is installed and do not remove or install the SD card while power is applied to the module.

From top to bottom, board pinout (changes in bold):
** Positive (+)
** Negative (-)
** Luxeon (-)
** FoC pad
** Activator switch
** Speaker
** Speaker

Nano Biscotte Features & Maximum Ratings

[NEW] Up to 3 fonts - Long press on the activation switch when blade is off make the saber switch to the other font. Comes with Lightmeat, Greymeat and Darkmeat
[NEW] Configurable reboot delay
[NEW] Adjustable beep volume
[NEW] Up to 16 swing and 16 clash sounds
[NEW] Dual Digital Sensor motion detection. Identical to CF MotionFusion, very high swing sensitivity and vibration immune
[NEW] Mute-on-the-go(MOTG) with configurable delay
[NEW] Mute during power off. Optional silenced power-off sound when MOTG is engaged
[NEW] 3 channel color "mixing" - 4A per channel
[NEW] FoC Mixing Techniques allowins mixed color FoC as well as traditional and popular "On-top" type Flash on Clash
[NEW] Pulse Fx
[NEW] 2 on-board LED driver (backward compatible with NB3) + 1 remote PEx for a 3rd channel (PEX not included)
[NEW] RGB Neopixel / WS2812 (and alike) support with power saving and adjustable timings
[NEW] Omnisabers support / Omnisabers Ready
[NEW] Override master file + individual configuration files for font specific settings

- 3 fonts - Long press on the activation switch when blade is off make the saber switch to the other font. Comes with Lightmeat and Darkmeat and Greymeat.
- Flash On Clash™ (FoC™) compliant using built in Power Extender
- Improved file fetching, up to 16 GB µSD card, drag and drop compliant (tested on PC at least)

  • Dimensions : 1.12" x .73" x .20"
  • Power supply : 3.4 to 5.5v / 2A (with the High-power LED). SINGLE li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) or 4xAA rechargeable NiMH batteries recommended.
  • Idle current consumption : < 0.09 mA (deep sleep mode)
  • 7+ months of shelf time with a fully charged 18650 li-ion cell
  • 4A high-power LED direct drive (no current regulator)
  • Speaker : 4 to 8 ohm.
  • Audio output Power : 2W max
  • Exported 3.3V pad
  • Handles only momentary switches for blade activation
  • Blade Flickering Fx
  • Blade Shimmering on Clash
  • Anti Power Off technology (A-POP™)
  • WAV file support
  • Changeable sound fonts, drop in support of CF/PC fonts, extra sound files are ignored.
  • 10 bit, 22.050 ksample/sec audio

  • Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.
  • Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover shipping charges to send it in for repair.


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by David
on 7/21/2018
from Australia
What I expected and more!
I love this sound board, its all the features you could want. There is little difference to the average buyer when compared to a higher end board with the added ease of the board supporting 3.7V (3.7-4.2V) supply. It feels premium as it has 16 swing and clash sounds, just like more expensive models.
by Brian
on 6/16/2018
from Arizona
Excellent for first build
I used this board for my first build. There is excellent documentation and there are great videos available. Could not be any happier!
by Alejandro
on 11/23/2017
from Buenos Aires
Excelente placa a un precio insuperable
Excelente placa de sonido para todo proyecto de sable laser. Lo compré para colocar sonido a mi Graflex kit 2.0 con recamara de cristal, y funciona de 10 el sonido, el movimiento y el Flash on Clash. El sonido es muy bueno y la placa es muy configurable. Recomiendo leer bien el manual (ingles). No tiene desperdicio.
by Aaron
on 11/23/2017
from Salina
Love it
A little bit of sound installs and tinkering around with the settings and I feel like I have a real saber
by Hector
on 11/10/2017
from Winter Haven
Excellent beginners soundboard!
This board is amazing! The swings and clashes are perfectly responsive. Easy to use if this is your first time.
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