MWS Tier 1 "Stunt" Electronics Kit

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The MHS V1 Tier 1 "Stunt" Electronics kit! Everything you need with plug and play connectors for your own stunt saber build (No sound). 

The buckpuck assembly does not fit the ID of the MHS v2 system of parts and is only compatible with MHS v1.

The Kit consists of 
  • 1x Cree LED Module w/ JST Connector and choice of heatsink style (Selected via the drop down menus above)
  • 1x Pre-Wired Guarded Latching switch w/JST connector. Available with a Red, Silver, Or Blue button (Selected via the drop down menu above)
  • 1x MWS Buckpuck Assembly with JST connectors.
  • Optional: 7.4v Battery pack (Selected via the drop down menu above). Please be aware that some packs may have fitment issues with shorter length sabers. International customers (excluding Canada) must select "No" for a battery pack.  
No battery charger is included.
A recharge port is compatible and can be purchased seperately here>

  • Blue- and White+ JST > Main LED (L+ and L-)
  • Red and Yellow JST > Accent LED (A+ and A-) (Not applicable to this kit)
  • Accent LED Resistor (ARES) Simply attach one of the resistor legs to each of the terminals. This will reduce the output voltage to the Accent LED terminals.
  • Yellow JST > Latching Switch (SW)
  • Red and Black JST > Recharge Port (R+ and R-) This simply goes straight to the battery. Only charge with switch turned off.
  • Red and Black JST > Battery Input (B+ and B-)

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