Green/Green/White Cree Star LED & MHSV1 Heatsink Module

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Heatsink Style

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Tri Cree Pre-Wired LED & MHS Heatsink Module.  Plug and play for the Standard Pre-Wired NBV4 using a single Li-ion at 3.7v .

These will only work with MHSv1 parts and will not fit MHSv2 or FX conversion kits.

These are not plug and play with the "TCSS" Edition NBv4 assembly due to changes to the harness.  You can find a compatible version of this module here  

Includes the following parts

  • Choice of either the NHS3 or NHS4 heatsink module
  • Tri Cree LED
  • Tri LED Lens
  • Thermal Tape
  • JST male connector Blue- White+ 24AWG
  • JST female connector Black- Red+ 24AWG
  • .1ohm 1w resistor
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