Cree Star LED & MHSV2 Heatsink Module

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Cree Star Pre-Wired LED & MHS Heatsink Module

V1 module shown. V2 has a flat copper heatsink
These will only work with MHSv2 parts and will not fit MHSv1 or FX conversion kits.

Pricing starts at $25.60

Inlcudes the following parts

  • MHS Heatsink
  • Cree XP-E2 copper Star LED
  • Cree Star lens holder
  • 8.7 Deg Optics
  • Thermal tape pad
  • JST male connector Blue- White+ 24AWG
These do not include a resistor and will require one to be purchased separately.  Please use the LED Calculator to determine the correct value for your choice of LED.  

All colors should be ran at 1000mA.
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