Bluetooth Module BT909 with Breakout board

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FSC-BT909 with breakout board for easier wiring over the standard BT909 Module. 

The modules come pre-programmed. Do not reprogram them. 

Recommended bluetooth module for wireless R.I.C.E. (sound board configuration via bluetooth)

Use with "ForceSync" smartphone app made by ShtokCustomWorx:



Supported sound boards:

  • Crystal Focus v7.5-v9.0
  • Crystal Focus v10 (CFX)
  • Prizm
  • Crystal Shard
  • Pico Crumble
  • Proffieboard

 Can also be used with “Crystal FX” App by for CFX10

   Android: Crystal FX - Apps on Google Play

   iOS: ‎Crystal FX (crystalfocus) in the App Store (

Module Features:

  • strongest antenna signal
  • Name and Passcode settings
  • works with default Plecterlabs R.I.C.E. programs on PC/laptop


Not for sound transmission!


For wiring diagrams and instructions please visit

1.384" long
.673" wide
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Review by Adam on 10/4/2020

Very strong signal, and works well with the Force Sync app. However, I can't get it to pair with my PC for bluetooth R.I.C.E. I get a PIN code error. I'm still trying to troubleshoot.

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