Illumicore Crystal

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Illumicore Crystal

Smart LEDs with embedded WS2812 IC in a 5050 package on 10mm diameter PCBs. They operate in the same color order as pixel strips. The PCBs are integrated directly into the epoxy resin with an extremely strong bond.

A small 75ohm resistor is on the pcb but the use of a 330ohm external resistor is recommended. 

The PCBs have 6 pads offering 2 positions each for +V and GND and one pad each for Data In and Data Out.

Roughly 10mm X 10mm X 35mm (0.39"x0.39"x1.378")

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Looks Great!

Review by Andrew on 12/17/2021

Crystal works as described. I wired mine in parallel with the blade.

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