7/8" Thin walled Trans White PolyC 40" long

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7/8" Thin walled Trans White PolyC 40" long

.875" OD x .75" ID x 40" long.

At this time we do not have any blade holders these are designed to work with.
You can use a piece of 1" thin walled blade stock as a 1" to 7/8" adapter.
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7/8" Trans White 40" blade review

Review by Robert on 8/29/2017

Solidly built, the trans white blade provides even diffusion for NeoPixel LED blades. I used an additional gift wrap tissue and lined the inner wall to provide additional diffusion for my LED strip blade. Simply wrap the tissue around a wooden dowel with slight overlap, about 1/8" and insert slowly in the tube. Keep the tissue together on the dowel as you insert it into the blade until fully installed. As mentioned you should have a 1/8" overlap. Use your fingers to carefully align the tissue and leave another 1/8" space at the top to allow blade tip to be installed.

makeshift blade tip

Review by eastern57 on 2/26/2012

Until 7/8" blade tips are stocked, you can use 3/4" tips with about a quarter inch of 3/4" thin walled blade stock as a mount. Probably not the most economical solution, but if you're rejoicing for 7/8" blades (like me) - you probably already have some in your stock. ;)

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