Clear shouldered 7/8" thin walled blade tip with reflective disc

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  • SKUC78Thin-R
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Clear shouldered 7/8" blade tips with reflective disc for 7/8" thin walled tubes.
Extra long shoulder design for thin walled tubes.
When properly installed these tips will not fly off under normal use.
Can withstand much harder direct hits than non shouldered tips.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Fits perfectly-! Just add glue gel.

Review by Storm on 10/3/2019

The tip for the blade came in and it has been doing me justice. However when I didn't glue it in, in 3 separate occasions it sprung off my blade and flew into the yard or into a dark alley. Took 2 hours to find once and a 10-15 mins twice. Glue your tips for battle! Don't be a bantha fodder like I was for a couple days there. Super glue gel works perfect with it.

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