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Acrylic Chassis Disc for PC and 14500/14650 side by side pack

Made out of 3/16" acrylic and available in four colors.

I had to make these with little to no tolerance so some may need to be sanded a tad to work. The discs will only go onto the PC from one end. On one end you cannot use a tube/spacer over the threaded rod. You will need to use a setup like I have shown in the above pics. The battery pack PCB needs to be positioned towards the PC and on the opposite end from the SD card slot as shown.

Some sections are very thin so you must be very carefull and there will be no warranty if you break them.

Comes with two discs for holding the Petit Crouton 2.0 and battery pack in your chassis.

These will only fit 1.25" ID parts and will not fit smaller ID parts such as the ribbed sections.


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by Corey
on 5/16/2015
from New Philadelphia
Avoid these.
I've used other chassis discs, which all work quite well, but stay away from these. Both of mine snapped as I gently pushed them onto my sound card.
by Lyon
on 8/8/2012
from Billings
very slick
I dig these discs very much, using these to mount a PC 2.0 to a side by side pack saved so much room in my hilt. Granted they are a little fragile, but it is acrylic. So worth the effort for making a chassis set up in a hilt. (MO) a must have for those wanting to do very clean set ups in a saber hilt. Well done TCSS
by brett
on 7/24/2012
from wynyard
answer to my problems
How many times have I tried using plastic, wood, cardboard(even) and various other materials in various configurations, all to mount a sound card and batteries.They slipped, fell, broke or never even got near a saber. Now here is the perfect mounting system, at an INCREDIBLY reasonable price. Quite delicate in places, true, but once slid into a solid aluminium MHS piece all those problems are solved.Custom battery pack makers, be aware how many layers of heat shrink you add, and any wires running along the battery also. These are precision cut. But no complaints here.
on 7/12/2012
from Ormond Beach
perfect fit
These chassis pieces are a must if you are trying to save space. Put it with one of the speaker holders and it is still only about 3 in. (did not have to file,perfect fit) I love these acrylic chassis in blue.
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