Acrylic Chassis Disc for Recharge Port - S8

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Acrylic Chassis Disc for a recharge port

Made out of 3/16" acrylic and available in four colors.

Comes with two discs and the center piece for holding a recharge port in your chassis. Use with 1/2" spacers between the discs as shown in the above images.

These will only fit 1.25" ID parts and will not fit smaller ID parts such as the ribbed sections.
Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Recharge discs

Review by Paul on 5/25/2017

Very well made, strong, fits perfectly, amazing work.

Very convenient/very brittle

Review by Joe on 4/5/2016

These are a very good idea, but they do break rather easily. I recommend a few passes with a piece of fine sand paper or a thin file before assembling. Do a little bit at a time so that the pieces will fit snugly, but aren't so tight that assembly will cause the sides to shatter.

It works, but broke

Review by David on 2/18/2014

I received this this morning and immediately went to assemble it into a saber. putting these three pieces together immediately broke one of the sides. The tabs on the middle piece provided too much force to put into the slots. Using glue and the spacers it still holds the recharge port, but it shouldn't have broken.

Works awesome!

Review by William on 7/4/2013

I have used this in two sabers and it works great!

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