• 4W 28mm WOWSpeaker

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28mm High Bass WOWSpeaker 4W by Train Control Systems.

3W (Typical) 4W (Peak) 
1.1" diameter x 0.53" or 28mm diameter x 13.5mm
Sound Pressure Level
84 ± 3.0 dB (A), at 0.63 V, 0.1 m, Average 500,1,000, 2,000, 4,000 (Hz ), at 25°C
Effective Frequency Band
250 Hz. to 20 kHz.
Power Rating
3W (Typical) 4W (Peak)
DC Impedance
4 Ω ; ± 15%, at 1,000 Hz., 1.0 V


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by William
on 7/21/2021
I bought this speaker and installed it in a Proffie Board saber. It worked fine at first, but after a few days of casual use (no abuse) it started sounding distorted. I did some more research only to find that this is a common problem with this speaker. I will be replacing it with a different speaker.
by Jason
on 11/7/2020
I wired this speaker for the CF-X which defaults to the 100% volume from R.I.C.E settings, and I'd say after the second day of intermittent use while tuning it next to the computer, it suddenly went silent. I bought it a few months back and used it briefly in a different build with an NEC board, so it had a couple more hours on it I suppose. I pulled it from the hilt and used a meter to check ohm resistance and it's a door stop. Do not buy this speaker, really disappointed it lasted only a very short time. It's rated for 8 ohms so the volume set at 100% shouldn't have phased it a bit, compared to the 4 ohm premium speaker set at 75% recommendation.
by Kevin
on 9/28/2020
2 failed within a week
Sounded great, for about 2-3 days. I purchased 2 of these speakers and they both failed within a week. They were not abused. Both failed with identical symptoms: distorted audio followed by intermittent failure, then complete failure. Very disappointed!
by Sean
on 10/16/2019
from Littlestown
Best 28mm speaker
I love this speaker. It is LOUD and sounds great. I use 31mm speakers as well and this keeps up with those no problem! Pair this with a Proffieboard, give the volume a boost in your config, and you can make some serious sound!
by Graham
on 9/3/2019
from Virginia
I first used this with my Prizm 5.5 and it is loud. I ignite it my practice studio and it can actually drown out other sounds. I know the Prizm and NBV4 are rated for 2W, but they have both run this with very little issue. I would definitely recommend it for a great show/event blade or to give extra intimidation/realism in dueling.
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