PLI (Power Level Indicator) For Box1

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These now have a black PCB.. green pics are there still because we are too lazy to take new pics.

The Power Level Indicator is a small circuit board with 10 LEDs forming a bar graph. It also includes a momentary switch that can be used to turn on a sound module or to activate the momentary to latching converter on a stunt saber.

This is designed to mount to Box style 1 using 2x 2-56 screws.

This is a new custom designed PLI. You will need to add clear heatshrink or make sure no connections are shorted.

There are 10 LED's (5 green, 2 yellow, 3 red) which light up depending on battery voltage.
For 3.7V li-ion battery cell the LED's will all be off at 2.4V and all on at 3.7v
For 7.4V li-ion battery pack the LED's will all be off at 4.7V and all on at 7.3v

The PLI is setup for a single 3.7v Li-ion cell with all active LED's lit by default.
It can be used with a 7.4v Li-ion pack by bridging the two small solder pads on the backside as shown.
It can be setup to only show one LED at a time by cutting the chip lead as shown.
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