8-32 x 1/4" Brass button head screw

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#8-32 x 1/4" Brass button head screw.

Uses a 3/32" Hex Key. 
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Looks great, but works fine

Review by Will on 3/15/2020

Despite what it looks like, this screw is a proper clean brass and looks clean, which I was concerned about, but luckily it looks much better than this picture. However, despite this, there were problems. This takes a 3/32 Allen wrench. When screwing it in, the wrench started to strip, as did the screw, and I was lucky enough to get it all the way in before it became un salvageable. This is only going to be used and as a detail screw, so it didn’t matter too much, but it sucks that I can’t remove it anymore. I guess to finish, if it’s for detail and doesn’t need to be removed, go for it. If it needs to be preach all and removable, either go slow and work deliberately, or look for something else.


Review by William on 10/10/2018

What's to say? They're brass screws. Make sure you order the right type for what you need. The brass color is nice as an accent.

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