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Covertec belt clip & button
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Great piece

Review by Chris on 2/24/2016

Easily the best belt mounting system. Make sure to use 1/2" socket head screws for the included button

Better than the Picture

Review by Jay on 1/29/2016

Unboxed shortly before writing this review. Solid, unblemished black covertech clip and wheel. My only regret was not getting more wheels! The plastic quality is much better in person than in this picture, on both the clip and the wheel.The only visible mold line is on the back of the "Clip" part, the wheel is of course is totally flush and seems durable, even for plastic. The action is smooth, locking works great. Love it!

Loving it

Review by Larry on 12/12/2015

I just received my new clip this morning, and I'm in love with it. The covertec knob fits perfectly on my converted Obi-wan and works with the knob on my older SF hilt that I'll have to order a second one just for the SF hilt.

Great Piece

Review by Josh on 2/4/2014

I will start by saying I have the Hasbro FX RotS Obi-Wan lightsaber. Eventually I will make my own saber, but it's fun to have until I can do so. The clip that comes with the saber is not screen accurate, not too easy to un-clip the saber, and does not like to hold onto my belt very well. This Covertec clip is screen accurate for my Obi-Wan outfit, is easier to remove the saber from, grips the belt a lot better, seems very sturdy and actually fits the existing button that came on the saber very well.


Review by Jedi Master on 9/21/2013

This is great and works perfect, the only problem is that it is plastic so if u want metal buy the covertec button in metal

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