Powder coating service.

The price listed is for one part to be powder coated fully except for the threads and the inside.

Pommel inserts should not be coated individually. If we coat them they more than likely will not fit properly without sanding off some of the coating. We can install them into the pommel and coat both at the same time but they may never come apart after that. 

While we can coat pretty much all MHS parts, boxes, etc. there are some limitations and if we have a issue we will contact you. 

Select the color you want and product from your cart for the part to be coated. Order one for each product and color you want coated. 

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Black chrome looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

Review by John on 3/20/2024

Tim's crew has exceeded my expectations once again. Always fast shipping. The MHS builder does NOT due this color justice. Straight on the color looks only slightly darker than the natural aluminum sheen and from an angle it darkens. It is almost like a grey scale version of chameleon. Highly recommend if your putting with aluminum, brass, bronze and/or flat black. The parts I had done were MHSGEAR2 and MPS12. Both pieces are for an updated version of my peronnal saber "Oppror 2.1".

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