Drill & Tap Hole

Price: $8.50
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Drill and tap one hole for set screw, thumb screw, etc..
Please select thread size and location for hole.
This service is for drilling and tapping the hole only and does not include making a flat spot for the accent LED to sit against, etc..
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Perfect Service

Review by Tomas on 11/6/2023

I ordered drill and taps for a retention screw and a covertec clip, and TCSS nailed the positioning. I'm extremely happy!

Perfect placement

Review by Juan Carlos on 5/17/2018

I ordered holes for a blade retention screw and a covertec. The b.r. one was on one of many windows of an emitter and it aligned perfectly with the rear side of the hilt, behind the switch, using the style 1 choke. With the style 2 it turned to be a little on the left, but it can be fixed. The hole for the covertec was exactly where I indicated. Both are clean, not a scratch.

Incredible work!

Review by Kevin on 11/4/2015

Well worth the $$ to have the professional Drill & Tap done. The quality FAR exceeds anything I could hope to accomplish with my limited tools, and skill. (I have tried Drilling & Tapping on PVC, and it is incredibly easy to just be off "a touch". No such issues this way!) Tim was also able to do this, and several other services (box service, PLI cutout, etc) according to my supplied layout/instructions, over several parts, all aligned perfectly. ALL of Tim's work is of astounding quality!

Precise jobdone.

Review by Dean on 11/3/2014

I was very specific with where I wanted my blade retention screw hole on my emitter and TCSS came through with perfect placement.

Good work

Review by Michael on 5/8/2011

Did it for the standard covertec clip plus a few misc. Very happy

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