20mA DynaOhm™ Variable Resistor

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The LuxDrive™ 4006 DynaOhm™ Variable Resistor is an active device which functions as a dynamic resistor, changing its value to maintain a constant current flow.
Unlike a fixed resistor which will provide the proper current at a single voltage, the DynaOhm will maintain a fixed current over a wide voltage range.
This makes it very simple to power accent LED's such as the illuminated switches, just place this inline on the positive lead.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Don't use too much heat

Review by AB on 7/30/2016

Used 2 of these. One went well, the other got a little too much heat evidently and the leg came out of the body. I was able to get it back together, but it came back out today so I'm digging back into it to repair. Works well, but watch the heat when soldering to the leads.

Very Useful!

Review by Girot on 3/30/2016

These little buggers are PERFECT for those gratuitous light-up greebles and illuminated AV switches. Careful not to pack in too many though, they have a bit of bulk to them.

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