2W 28mm Bass Speaker

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2w/3w max bass speaker

28mm OD x 12mm tall.  8 ohm speaker.
These will just barely fit inside speaker mount 2 and 3 depth wise.
You may need to sand down the side tab solder joints in order to get them to fit inside the speaker mounts.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 12 reviews )

My favorite speaker!

Review by Morgan on 12/27/2020

First off, this little guy has amazing sound. I don't care if you're doing Jedi, Sith, self-endangering miscreant, or whatever, this is the speaker. On top of that, it was my first time soldering something and proved to be exceptionally simple to attach my old wires to the new speaker.

Great Product for a Sith

Review by JOHN on 6/5/2019

used this speaker for my sith saber for that bass saber sound. i have no regrets and love it. the prongs for the wire leads fit right into the speaker holder chassis. glad my original speaker i wanted was out of stock. definitely recommend for a sith build.

Completely blown away !!

Review by mark jackson on 3/8/2019

Initially I was sceptical about using a bass speaker because I thought the dynamic range would suck. I was wrong, very wrong. This speaker has a incredible dynamic range !! Friggin loud as all get out. The hilt vibrates and the saber did come alive with feeling. Don't waist your money on the premium speaker. I bought one and was greatly disappointed to say the least. Spend the money and buy this speaker !!

Wonderful speaker for a saber project

Review by David on 1/4/2019

I used this speaker along with the stealth speaker in some saber builds. Both seem to give very similar sound performance and quality. This speaker was able to provide a nice loud saber that was reproducing the sound fonts well.

Just what you want in a saber

Review by David on 7/21/2018

Although I haven't experienced any other saber speakers, I can immediately tell that this the right speaker for the job. Most lightsaber sounds are in the lower frequencies so it makes sense to use a bass speaker. Although, some sounds such as speech (in a font boot sound) which is at a higher frequency can get drowned out. A non-issue.

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