2 Wire quick connector

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26 gauge Quick connector

Mating connectors with about 12" of wire on each.
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Space Limitations

Review by Aaron on 4/11/2023

Excellent product, I'd just add to be mindful of space constraints.

Preferred over JST

Review by Ravenbom on 8/7/2017

I prefer these over JST. They seem loose to the touch when connected, but I've never had a problem with these while JSTs seem to come undone over time. Maybe the slack helps alleviate pressure on the joins over time? The big caveat to using these is that they are literally big. It's hard to tell from a pic but they take up more space than JST. Because they're bigger, they need more slack to pull out of the chassis than JST, which means that slack takes up more space in the chassis along with the fact they take up more space. It adds up fast. Make sure you have space for them! Also, if you really need to, the half with two grips can be exchanged with JST. It's not secure by itself, electrical tape is advised. It takes up less space that way if you get in a bind for space.

No loose wire jokes....

Review by Skottsaber on 12/26/2010

Mine worked for a while, but they become loose after sustained use. The wires have a lot of wiggle in the connectors and could probably be pulled out easily. Also not brilliant for use in hard to reach places in the hilt, as you will need to pinch the clip. I prefer JST connectors to these.

Always out of stock

Review by RattleHornet on 9/9/2010

This is very useful. But hard to buy it because always out of stock!

Works great, but...

Review by Theodore on 7/10/2008

The quick connector works wonderfully, but there's something to be aware of when you're doing your wiring. There are markings on one wire, but you can't use them to distinguish red/black for your wiring. Why? Because to plug the connectors together, you've got to put a half-twist into it, so the wire that is marked on one half comes out as the unmarked wire on the other half. Be aware of that and you'll be fine.

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