MR FX Mace conversion kit

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MR Mace conversion kit.
Kit includes everything shown in the picture.
Blade/LED holder for converting a master replicas Mace Windu to a luxeon setup.
LED, lens, and lens holder will need to be ordered seperately.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Somewhat satisfied

Review by johnny on 11/19/2017

I purchased this conversion but encountered followimg issue maybe can be checked and corrected. The fit was a bit tight had to push in but still has a wobble to it. Plan on adding a set screw. The other issue i encountered is and maybe mines is a fluke but the 1 inch blade doesnt fit i am still sanding the inner diameter and i tried sevetal blade including the tcss ones. It would be nice if future kits had predrilled holes to match.

Great piece, but a bit wobbly.

Review by Richie on 5/16/2017

This is a great piece. It really doesn't disturb the cosmetic appearance of the saber in anyway. They retention screws that drill into the pre-existing holes are particularly clever. My only complain is the this was a tough conversion and the blade holder is really wobbly. I'm dreading taking this apart again to try to fix the rattle. Other than that, it's very, very nice.

Awesome kit!

Review by Emperor vader on 3/31/2016

I used this kit to convert 4 of my 2002 mr aotc anakin skywalker fix lightsabers and works perfectly for it. I also used it to convert the mace windu and I was extremely satisfied with conversion .


Review by Kit Fisto on 1/21/2009

This is the perfect conversion kit for the Mace Windu MR lightsaber. The fit was perfect and looks very clean, and it's nice to know there's nothing flimsy or plastic as part of the saber. Plenty of screws included and I like how the led when mounted screws in to the main piece. Great product!

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