WS2812B 1" OD Pixel Battle blade - Ready to ship

Price: $115.00
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Complete 1" Pixel LED Trans White Battle blade. These are pre-built and if they show in stock they are ready to ship within 1-2 working days in most cases.

The blade is assembled with the WS2812B Strips, Foam, "TCSS" Style plastic diffuser for extra diffusion, and a Parabolic tip. There is no custom lengths and the Blade is offered at either 32 1/4", 34 1/4", and 36 1/4" long.  The Data Resistor is installed on the blade side PCB. 

3.5 Pixels per inch. 

Blades assembled with the WS2812B Strips may have more of a shadow down the sides of the strips as compared to blades assembled with the KR Pixel Sticks. 

These Battle blades are warrantied for Combat and other Manufacturing defects for 90 days. It does not cover any damage to the blades as a result of Neglect or Abuse. If a blade is returned back to us showing signs of abuse, the warranty is void. 

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