KR Pixel Show blade 1" OD x 32.875" long V2

Price: $124.99
  • SKUTWShowPXL32V2
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Complete Pixel LED Trans White Show blade. 

The blade is assembled with the V2 Pixel Stick, Foam, "TCSS" Style plastic diffuser for extra diffusion, and a Parabolic tip. There is no custom lengths and the Blade is offered at a fixed 32.875" in length. 

NOTE: You will want to set your strip configuration to 122 LED's. 

The blades are not designed for Dueling.  These Blades include a 90 Day warranty and it does not cover any damage to the blades as a result of Dueling or Bashing. If a blade is returned back to us showing signs of abuse, the warranty is void. 

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Review by Maurice on 7/11/2024

Tip illumination is poor. Side shadowing is the same as less expensive blades. The blade is a bit brighter, but sucks the battery down really fast! Overall I was very disappointed. The little bit of brightness you get in my opinion is not worth paying $70 more for one blade.

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