Square Knurling

Price: $22.50
  • SKUMillWork
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Mill cut Square Knurling

  • This is for one section and cannot be broken up. For example if you want two 1.5" sections on a piece then you must order the 1.5" service twice and not a single 3" section.
  • Pricing starts at $22.50 for a 1 inch section.
  • Please be very descriptive on location to be knurled and on what MHS piece.
  • Must be done on a flat area and can be done over the threaded section of a part. If done over threads (.75" or less from end), the knurling is shallow and not as defined (as pictured)
  • This service is not available for the 4" extensions with a larger OD. 
  • If done over powder coating we cannot guarantee the edges will not chip along the cuts.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Great Design and Texture

Review by Alvin on 5/14/2023

Back when Fallen Order was being teased with pictures of sabers, the square knurling had caught my eye at that time and I opted to create a long-handled saber for flow-work. At the time, TCSS did not have square knurling service but I requested if such an option could be accommodated with the largest "raised squares" available. They pulled through. I've painted the surface over with a rose gold stain spray paint. It's since worn down, revealing the aluminum squares while the grid-like grooves still have the rose gold paint, looking weathered. It's been my favorite knurling design since. TCSS did a fantastic job with the knurling, looking clean and seamless.


Review by Chris on 9/16/2021

Beautiful knurling, great finish, and surprisingly good for grip.

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