C-cell Maglite blade holder

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C-cell Mag-Lite blade holder

As far as we know these will only work with the classic style Maglite

Designed to hold 1" blades. 10-32 blade retention hole included
Use to easily convert your Mag-Lite into a saber.
Designed to be used with a lens, lens holder, and colored filters.
You *should* be able to use this with any C-cell Mag-Lite.
There are some sources on the internet for colored LED's as well which would work best.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

New Maglite C - buttonless doesn't fit

Review by Kevin on 12/23/2017

The quality of this is great, this isn't a slam. I've tried 2 of the new Maglite C (2C and 3C) and this part doesn't fit either, not even a little bit. It slips right over everything. I did notice there's no button on the newer lights, they all just twist to activate. Not sure if that's the difference or not. The D version of this fits like a glove in the Maglite D series.

Great Blade Holder

Review by Michael on 7/20/2016

This blade holder is excellent in design and fit. One important thing to note is that if you are placing this aluminum part onto the steel body of a maglite, the threads will probably wear out with continuous hard dueling.

Good and Solid

Review by Aaronius on 12/1/2015

These fittings are beautifully machined and have tight tolerances. They fit snugly with a 1" diameter blade and require only a set screw to hold the blade in. I used a knurled thumb screw and the look and fit is terrific. I cannot recommend these components highly enough. Great for a quick-assembly fencing saber!

C cell maglite

Review by Hound on 3/4/2015

Works great with older C cell maglites. Does not fit newer LED c cell maglites. The new maglites are smaller.

The Perfect Way to Start

Review by AckAck on 2/3/2014

This is a great piece to start into the world of saber building. A spare Maglite and this BH and you are on your way.

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