4" Double Female Grooved

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4" Double female section with 12 grooves and 24 8-32 threaded holes.
Screws need to be 1/8" long in order to not interfere with the threading.

All MHS parts should have the threads wiped clean and then lightly oiled or greased. We sell some Synthetic Grease for this. Parts that get stuck because no oil/grease was used or that are damaged by the user trying to take them apart will not be warrantied.
4" Long
1.25" ID
1.625" OD
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Great part, but keep in mind

Review by Paradox on 6/26/2018

I honestly only have one complaint about this part, and that is that the holes on the one end are drilled into the MHS threading. While the machining of this part is great, the additional holes left a few extra burs in the MHS threads. All MHS threads should be cleaned before attaching anything to them, but I believe it's especially important to point this out for this part. Another thing to keep in mind is that anything screwed into the side holes will need to be short enough so as to not interfere with additional MHS parts connection to this end.

Amazing part

Review by Tj on 10/15/2016

This part blew me away, it really breaks up the flush look some sabers have, its a bit thicker than most parts I've gotten thus far and really brings more life to my build. Well worth the time it took to get back in stock! Adds a little more weight to the saber which is in every way good, you wouldn't expect a "real" light-saber to be light anyways, so a great big amount + points to the saber shop on this part.


Review by dippy123 on 11/10/2010

this piece looks absolutely beautiful and is great to hold, with the addition of a switch box it looks even better, worth every cent paid.

Very nice

Review by Eco on 1/21/2010

A solid addition to the MHS lineup. Adds a great-feeling heft to your hilts while still making it very comfortable to hold.

Great adittion...

Review by strengthofrage on 9/7/2009

This grip looks and feels great, I am very happy with it. It is a fantastic addition to the MHS lineup, very well done.

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