Set of 4 Anakin ROTS pins

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Set of 4 Anakin ROTS short style brass pins.

3-48 threaded

.18" long not including the threading.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Top tier replacement

Review by Chris on 9/5/2023

Recently had to get these for my 89 Saber Skinnyflex and they fit perfectly. Bought a second set as a spare just in case.

They look great, but hard to install

Review by Richie on 5/16/2017

After hours of trying to thread these into my Anakin conversion kit, I gave up and just drilled bigger holes and super-glued them in. Not an ideal solution, but they look great!

Worked out well

Review by AB on 8/14/2016

Used these in the MHS BH20. They are a very small nuisance to get started since they are rounded, but you can get it done with your fingertips or forceps. I didn't have any trouble. They are short and don't protrude too far out as to be problematic. Looks realy good. They are tiny though, so take care to install in a place that if you drop one you can easily find it again.

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