MR or Hasbro FX Vader conversion kit

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MR or Hasbro Vader conversion kit.

Verified to work with the new black series

Kit includes a blade holder, heat sink, 4-40 screw, and thumb screw.
Blade/LED holder for converting a master replicas Vader to a luxeon setup.
LED, lens, and lens holder will need to be ordered separately .
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )

Great even for the 2003 MR

Review by Steve on 7/31/2018

I used this kit to convert my 2003 MR vader and it came out really nice. The included 4-40 screw is perfect to replace the original top screw and overall, this kit was perfect. Yes, you have to modify it a little bit to retain the switch location, but it's not very hard if you have a dremel. You should definitely purchase this if you want to give your old 03' MR Vader new life! I love this piece, it's excellent.

It works

Review by Jason on 3/6/2018

Always sand the inside of your hilt before attempting install. The master replicas and orce fx both have little burrs and sharp bits inside the hilt which will scratch your blade holder. It would be nice to have two milled grooves to replicate the original MPP, or two small holes to install two small brass connects. I spray painted mine with flat black and then baked it for an hour.

Perfect Fit

Review by Chris on 2/25/2018

Perfect fit on my 2005 MR. Takes up less than a 1/3 of the over all hilt.

Conversion of 2015 Hasbro FX Black Series

Review by George Darnell on 1/17/2018

The blade holder increased diameter side doesn't fit into the 2015 without sanding. I put 100 grit sand paper to this piece for over 3 hours manually before it would slide in nicely. It may fit better in Master Replica models. I advise using gloves as the metal will be everywhere. Beautifully crafted design and the knurled screw fits great once you re-tap the hilt. I also love the LED heat-sink and how they mate. The retention screw mates perfect as well. Great crafting, TCSS! I will probably buy this again for another Hasbro conversion to NeoPixel in the future, if still available.


Review by sacha on 1/11/2018

Super easy for a begginer like me. It adds a really nice weight to the saber, feals great!

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