MR or Hasbro FX Maul conversion kit

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MR Maul conversion kit.
Blade/LED holder for converting a master replicas or Hasbro Darth Maul to a luxeon.
LED, lens, lens holder, and blade retention screw will need to be ordered seperately.
You will need to drill and tap a hole for your blade retention screw.
If reusing the stock blades you will need to sand them down where they fit inside the blade holder.
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Review by Chris on 7/22/2014

This kit is super easy to install & works great.

great tight fit

Review by Rhiannon on 6/7/2012

A friend got a couple Mauls in a trade and asked me to do the conversions on them. The kit works great, and the conversion went very smooth. I dont know about 17 minutes to do both smooth, but smooth none the less. Would recommend buying and doing this for anyone with a old Darth Maul or two laying around... very easy.


Review by Matt Thorn on 11/27/2009

One of the great things about the Maul conversion kit is that it can be used to convert some other Force FX sabers for which no conversion kit exist, such as the Construction Set and the Luke ESB. The outer diameter is just about 1.125" (1 1/8", or about 29mm), making it the thinnest of the conversion kits. This is a great piece to have on hand when you find that you need to improvise.

Quick & Easy

Review by Timothy on 5/25/2009

I bought a Double Maul and got it 2 days before Star Wars Weekends, ordered the two conversions when I bought the Maul. The kits and tutorial on the forums worked so perfectly and easily that I didnt even have them open long enough to remember to take pics. Total conversion time for 2 sabers was 17 min!

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