Hasbro Luke ANH or Rey (Jedi Training) Black Series conversion kit

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Hasbro Luke ANH Or Rey (Jedi Training) Black Series conversion kit.

This kit should also fit the MR Luke ANH from 2007.
Blade/LED holder for converting a Hasbro Luke Black Series to a in the hilt LED.
LED, lens, lens holder, and blade retention screw will need to be ordered seperately. 
The kit can use a 8-32 set screw or thumbscrew for blade retention and will accept our short graflex pins.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Tight fit but that is good

Review by Michael on 4/2/2018

Great conversion piece for my ANH Luke Black Series. The fit was tight but 5 mins with the dremmel and 5 mins buffing an area I didn't mean to hit with the dremmel did the trick! Would buy again to do a Rey conversion in the future.


Review by Justin on 12/19/2017

Had no issues with fitting it in the hilt. I did put JB weld over the screw hole left of center and then painted over it. Get the Graflex button screw from here and use it (you will have to tap the hole and sand down the button underside edge a little). Don’t forget to get the short Graflex pins as well.

Does the job but can be improved

Review by Steve on 9/1/2017

The finish is no doubt great but it was way too tight to fit into the black series I had to do a lot of sanding to barely have it in the hilt. There seems to have some problem with screw threads all over this kit the provided screw does not fit, the blade retention screw had to be forced in and there were no threads for red button and glass eye. Would be much better if the collar and the black parts were actually anodized black. New set of Graflex pins must be ordered as the original will not fit.


Review by Christian on 4/18/2017

super happy with this kit, but i was not happy with the retention screw hole being in one of the windows on the front upper part. I ended up filling it in with hot glue and painting over it. but other than that, It was perfectly fine, fits nice and tight, and looks amazing!

Great item

Review by Paul on 2/7/2017

Truly great item, fits perfectly.

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