1.25" Sink tube LED/Blade holder

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These come with a flat heat sink now

LED/Blade holder for 1.25" sink or similar sized tubes. These are designed to hold our 1" blades/tubes. These are designed to be used with the 1.25" 22 gauge sink tubes we offer.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Sink tube saber must have Part

Review by John on 9/30/2015

Just built my first saber and it was a budget sink tube stunt saber. Went down to local hardware store and bought a simple $8.00 plunger sink tube kit 1-1/4 in and a $5.00 1-1/2 in piece with a removable end (pommel). Unscrewed the top piece, dropped in my LED and Blade holder and it put the piece back together. It was that simple. This part fit like a glove. No sanding or other modifications needed to make part work. For a budget build this is a most have. Nice craftmanship, Tim!!!!

Always a great part

Review by Lyon on 7/15/2011

If you don't have at least one of these in your shop at all times, you should. This is by far on of the best most versitle pieces TCSS sells. Its great for a custom build, or if you want a simple to the point sink tube build. A great BH for a really good price, well done!

Insta-Saber Must Have

Review by Yogen Himashi on 12/13/2009

This is a great little part with only one or two minor issues. It's a must have for a saber repair kit. All you do is add sink tube and you have a hilt. Instant saber, just add electronics. Just be aware of the gauge of the tube. This holder/adapter is designed for 22 gauge sink tube. It will not fit the ticker 20 gauge sink tube without some "massaging" of either adapter or tube. Also the ID of the blade holder was a tad small for me. It was too snug to fit a 1" OD blade in more than a 1/2". It could have just been a fluke blade though. After a minute of sanding the end of the blade no more problem. Not a problem, but something to consider is also the size of the heatsink. It a little long and takes up more room than its MHS counterpart. I wouldn't mind seeing this as a copper piece instead of aluminum. It could be smaller and maybe lose the fins. All said though, this is a quality part that gives the builder great flexibility. No wonder they're always sold out.

Hello budget saber!

Review by Daniel on 9/17/2009

VERY nice for someone looking to make a cheap lightsaber. this + $6 sinktube + .50 washer + $18 LED kit + blade ~$20 = LIGHTSABER! :D realy nice to see soo many compnits all in 1 peace at a great price!

It's everything it needs be, but dang tight..

Review by Darth Abominor on 7/31/2009

An excellent little bit of metal, well cut and of the quality one expects from TCSS. My only issue with it thus far is the fit to a standard 1.25 Sink Tube. The Blade Holder body is an 'exact' fit to the sink tube, meaning I had to mount a polycarb blade into the holder before I was able to get it more than 1/4 of an inch into the sink. Now, this is not an issue as it is meant to fit snug, but WOW.. that's snug. Overall, a very nice item. A MUST for any sink tube build.

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